You are unique, and so are spas. If you go for spa treatments often or this is your first time with us, some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are listed below.
Q: Do you follow COVID-19 Safety Guidelines?
- Yes. All staff wear masks and cleans stations before and after every services. Clients are required to wear masks indoors and as it pertains to individual services.
Q: Do you schedule appointments over the phone only?
- Yes, in order to ensure quality in customer care, Aida Spa prefers to schedule appointments of the phone.
Q: I have to cancel or reschedule (non-health related) an appointment, what should I do?
- In the event that you cannot make you scheduled appointment, we require that you call to cancel within 24 hours ahead of time. When rescheduling, please have a few days and times you have in mind for rescheduling and we can instantly provide you with the best date and time available.
Q: I have a spa service scheduled but I am not feeling well, should I still come in?
- No. If you are getting sick, a massage, facial or anybody treatment may actually make you feel worse by speeding up the release of toxins throughout your body.
Q: If I have a rash or cold sore should I have a spa service?
- No. Because most rashes and cold sores are contagious, it is better to wait until your skin has healed.
Q: If I am getting a waxing, is there anything I can do to prepare?
– The hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch long to get a clean wax. Also, never apply body lotions before a waxing. If the skin is too moist the wax cannot grab and pull the hair.
Q: Can I bring my baby with me while during any services?
– No children may be left unattended and our staff in not responsible for watching children.
Q: Are gift cards offered or available?
– Gift cards can be purchased online or in the spa.
Q: Do you have an elevator?
– No, we do not have an elevator and we are located on the second floor of our building.
Q: Should I fully undress for my message?
– For maximum relaxation most spas recommend that you remove your underwear for the massage. However, we encourage you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Q: I’m wearing makeup before my facial, does that matter?
– All facials start with a cleansing of the face. It will not matter if you have on makeup, the Aesthetician will remove it prior to cleansing.
Q: Can I get a pregnancy massage if I am almost due?
– All we ask is that you are past your first trimester (12 weeks).