Facial Treatments
You are unique and so is your skin. To stay in top form now and for years to come, your skin requires regular customized care.
  • Microderm: $160/hr
  • Oxegen: $55/hr
  • Advanced microdermabrasion is the latest in anti-aging technology using standard crystals and revolutionary organic grain. Diamond Oxyderm provides two powerful therapies in one machine for immediate visible results.

    Facial: $95/hr
    A deep-cleansing facial with extractions and massage. Includes the appropriate mask to soften and correct skin disorders (aroma therapy is also available).
    Anti-Aging Facial: $160/75 min

    Combined with a scientific approach, Sothys anti-aging treatment uses the BP3 tri-complex of saffron, and peptides to restore the skin’s youth. An exfoliating, stimulating massage and double dermo-filling mask leave the skin feeling fresh, plump, and youthful.

    Treatment: $160/hr
    This replenishing and hydrating treatment is our solution to quench thirsty skin and combat dehydration.
    The secret to a radiant luminous skin-encapsulated in a single treatment. Remarkable Siberian Gensing optimizes the skin’s resistance to daily stress and provides the vital boost needed to restore your skin’s energy.
    $70/30 min
    A detoxifying and oxygenating treatment to refine your skin’s texture and restore a healthy glow.
    Call for pricing/hr (Treatment includes Full face/Eye Contour/Neck)
    Radio Frequency Treatments are a skin-tightening and anti-aging breakthrough. Radio Frequency (RF), is a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative treatment, that helps to efficiently address skin concerns.

    The face is the reflection of the soul and of our inner balance. Dien Chan leads the body to the face and Chan’s Beaute brings the face to the body. This new approach to natural aesthetics allows us to regulate and balance the body with visible results.