Using Young Living Essential Oils, this body massage will provide you with a deeply relaxing and harmonizing experience. The benefits of this technique are outstanding.

It will enhance circulation, increased immune function, and relieve you from everyday stress. Raindrop Technique with VitaFlex also helps to relieve you of pain, inflammation, and negative emotions. Call us at Aida Spa today to book your appointment!

Allow yourself a moment of well-being in the expert hands of your Sothys Paris beauty therapist.
An outstanding treatment protocol sourced from oriental ancestral rites: a salve to prepare the body for exfoliation, then a modelling featuring the terracotta scrubber method exclusive to Sothys, inspired by traditional oriental techniques. A unique moment of escaping from it all, accompanied by the aromatic notes of myrrh and amber, leaving an unforgettable fragrance. At end of the treatment, the terracotta scrubber is yours.
To extend the benefits of the Sensations orientales signature body treatment at home . . .
– Oriental Exfoliating Paste ( )
– Nourishing Body Gel ( )
– Beautifying Legs Enhancer ( )
– Shower Foam ( )

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